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RE: filmscanners: Minolta Scan Multi Pro Manual URL


Wow, thanks for that URL.
I know the Tango is the best drum/high end flatbed scanner out there for
under than $100,000 so, those are simply amazing results from the 8000.
we are really moving into a new era here

I almost forgive nikon for the 6 crashes I've had today on 3.1
oh, and the banding simply is not an issue if you press 'super fine scan',
because then it disappears, though the scans get slower.


> I think Nikon has always built good scanners, specially the new ED glass
> line seems to meet high standards, the only issue seems to be the banding
> problem in the 8000, that seems to show up eventually, but which should be
> fixed in the future (I hope). Despite that problem everyone who
> has the 8000
> seems to like the results it gives.
> On the Yahoo Piezography list there have been some threads concerning the
> 8000, one guy has posted scans of both the Nikon 8000 and the Heidelberg
> Tango drum scanner - the Nikon compares quite good in this "test"
> - the link
> to the scans is: http://homepage.mac.com/anton/NikonTango/index.html )
> Of course mine is just another "opinion" but I dont think I will have the
> chance to compare them side to side - unfortunately...
> greetings from Berlin,
> Bernhard


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