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Re: filmscanners: Scanning B&W negatives

I wrote:

| , I will begin with my old B&W negatives (several hundreds), mainly Ilford
| FP4 and HP5, many of them more than 30 years old
| I intend to: scan at 4000 ppi, gray scale 16 bits; "dynamic range" --
| automatic, but all the other tunings in the scanning software (including
| unsharp mask) disabled; save the raw scans as TIF. I don't intend to
| the photos in the scanner, but after in Photoshop.

Ho ho, that's not so easy!...  With B&W I must "make decisions" before
getting the "untouched archival scan" -- with very contrasted or very
scenes, underexposed or overexposed negatives, etc, I must tune manually the
"dynamic range" (sometimes dramatic cuts in the histogram) or I will not get
good results in Photoshop.

And not several hundreds but a few thousands -- digital retouching is a

I thank very much all the help and suggestions that I received.

Best regards,

Mrio Teixeira

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