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Re: filmscanners: Where to buy a scanner

I bought my AS4000 from digital first as they included Silverfast Ai which
at the time was only rumoured to be bundled with the scanner at some point
in the future. For an extra 10% I also got an extra 2-year warranty. I also
see that they are now including  a version of Silverfast (don't know which)
with the Nikon - although I personally prefer Vuerscan.

Unfortunately they are also asking for 590. When I bought my AS4000 they
were cheapest and included Silverfast :-)

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From: "Hkon T Snderland" <hts@antares.no>
To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Sent: Wednesday, October 24, 2001 1:28 PM
Subject: Re: filmscanners: Where to buy a scanner

Mark Otway wrote:

> Right, having decided that price and performance-wise, the Nikon
> Coolscan IV is the scanner for me, here's another good question. Bearing
> in mind I'm in the UK, where's the cheapest place to buy it from? So far
> I've found Dabs Direct (www.dabs.com) who are doing the Nikon for 499 +
> VAT, and Jessops (www.jessops.com) who are surprisingly competitve (599
> including VAT).
> Given that Jessops have a price-match policy, are only a tenner more
> expensive anyway, and have the Nikon in stock in the shop that's 500
> yards from the office I'm in right now, I'm very tempted to go with them
> - if only because if I have any problems, I can take the scanner
> straight back there and get support or a replacement.
> I've got a handful of cash and am looking forward to going to the shop
> and spending it on a new toy. The question is, are there any other
> web-based shops which are doing the coolscan any cheaper?

A quick google revealed these, there may be more if you care to
search further down the list:





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