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Re: filmscanners: Where to buy a scanner

Mark Otway wrote:

> Right, having decided that price and performance-wise, the Nikon
> Coolscan IV is the scanner for me, here's another good question. Bearing
> in mind I'm in the UK, where's the cheapest place to buy it from? So far
> I've found Dabs Direct (www.dabs.com) who are doing the Nikon for 499 +
> VAT, and Jessops (www.jessops.com) who are surprisingly competitve (599
> including VAT). 
> Given that Jessops have a price-match policy, are only a tenner more
> expensive anyway, and have the Nikon in stock in the shop that's 500
> yards from the office I'm in right now, I'm very tempted to go with them
> - if only because if I have any problems, I can take the scanner
> straight back there and get support or a replacement.
> I've got a handful of cash and am looking forward to going to the shop
> and spending it on a new toy. The question is, are there any other
> web-based shops which are doing the coolscan any cheaper?

A quick google revealed these, there may be more if you care to
search further down the list:





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