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Re: filmscanners: Any experience with Vuescan/Linux/SS4000/Adaptec 29160?

2001-10-16-13:44:52 Jeff Moore:
> I just tried to fire up my new fire-sale SprintScan 4000 connected to
> a box with a fancy-pants Adaptec 29160N (used for an LVD internal disk
> and now the scanner on the presumably electrically-isolated external
> SE narrow-SCSI end of the bus).  The machine is running an
> essentially-stock Red Hat 7.1 load, the disk is at ID 0 and the
> scanner at 4, the scanner's termination switch is set on, the scanner
> is connected with an HD50<->Centronics cable from Hyper Micro...

> With a copy of VueScan downloaded last night (so I assume it's
> 7.1.24), I can get a preview scan, but when I request a full-res scan,
> after a report of about 20% completion, the machine just seems to
> mostly freeze up.


> Any hints?  Could the scanner be monopolizing the bus such that disk
> I/O can't occur?

A followup:  I popped in the Advansys card thrown in with the scanner
in addition to the "real" SCSI card, and after some futzing with Linux
to get it properly recognized, scanning worked a treat.  I saw lots of
disk I/O right around the place in the process where it all got wedged
before;  the system must've been unable to write to disk while
scanning.  Disturbing if true, but the separate bus seems to be a
practical workaround.


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