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Re: filmscanners: Any experience with Vuescan/Linux/SS4000/Adaptec 29160?

2001-10-16-14:07:08 Tom Scales:
> First, I think using the separate SCSI card is an excellent idea.

That I'll definitely try.  Hope the freebie Advansys card is supported
and gets on well with others.

> Second, before you do that, try setting the termination on the
> scanner to off, rather than on.  I thought you only terminated one
> connection (internal or external) and you internal one is
> terminated.

That *shouldn't* be correct.  A SCSI bus should be linear, and be
terminated at (and only at) both ends.  This is complicated in this
case by the wide-to-narrow transition before the bus leaves the box,
and the presence of the host adapter in the middle, and the LVD<->SE
electrical change, but schematically, the simplified version should be
like this:

                                            inside | outside
 internal  internal devices...     host adapter    |         scanner  external
 term-----------+-----+----------(host ad term off)+------------+-----term

...except in this case the wide half of the bus, but not the narrow,
should be terminated on the host adapter.

Yep, I'm more and more enthusiastic about a whole separate bus.


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