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Re: filmscanners: problem with film profiles in SilverFast 5.5

Use whatever film profile works.  Those NegaFix profiles are suspect since all 
Portra films are supposed to use the same "channel" in automatic printers.  But 
there are extreme differences in the results when you use the different 
Silverfast Portra profiles.  Also, make sure that you are aware of the "expert" 
button that expands the NegaFix dialog box and allows you to modify the canned 
profile a bit, change curves, change the set points, etc.  Maybe you can use 
those controls to tweak the profile whose name matches your film.  If not, use 
anything that works and gives you the results you want.

In a message dated Fri, 19 Oct 2001  3:40:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Michael 
Poster <mposter@woodweb.com> writes:

> I've just updated to Silverfast 5.5. I'm using Windows 2000, Photoshop 6.0 
> and scanning negatives. Here's my problem: When I select the Negafix 
> profile for the film / iso I'm actually using I get an overly contrasty 
> prescan with blown-out light areas. I can select nearly any other profile 
> and get a reasonable image. I've tried this with 3 different film types 
> with the same results (Portra 400NC, Supra 400, Fuji Reala). I'm 
> restricting the crop area to image-only real estate and have set up the 
> software according to Ian Lyons instructions (as I have since V5.0). I've 
> downloaded the latest SF version (Or14) at SF tech support's suggestion 
> with no improvement.
> I'm getting reasonable scans, but only by using the wrong profiles. Can 
> anyone offer a solution?
> Michael Poster


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