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Re: filmscanners: Silverfast Frustration

I don't remember the SS120 manual saying to push on the film carrier until the 
light starts blinking.  But if you push on it until the scanner grabs it out of 
your hand, you should be OK

The worst thing about Silverfast is not its poor documentation!  We have Ian 
Lyons to help solve that problem.  Bugs and quirky behavior are more of a 
problem.  I'm not really sure what sequence of steps you are using to do the 
scan, but I've noticed that I get a 6x6 preview until I actually insert the 
film carrier and then it switches to the 6x7 format that I want.  So try 
inserting the film carrier before you do the software setup.  If that doesn't 
help and no one else offers a solution, tell us exactly what sequence of steps 
you are using and maybe we can figure out what the problem is.  One thing you 
should be aware of is that, once you do get it to scan, the final image may not 
have the same orientation as is shown in the preview window.  There's a little 
view of the image in the desinometer that actually controls the orientaition, 
not the preview screen, so you MUST set the densinometer image the way you want 
it to look.

In a message dated Fri, 19 Oct 2001  5:03:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Jeff 
Spirer <jeff@spirer.com> writes:

> I received a SS120 earlier this week and have been plagued with minor 
> problems that are not explained anywhere.  However, the worst of these is 
> driving me nuts, and the absence of any useful Silverfast documentation 
> with the product has put me in the position of bothering this list with a 
> very simple problem.
> I cannot get the software to show me a 6x7 prescan (or scan.)  The 
> operation bar (or whatever it's called) let's me switch to 6x7, but it will 
> only display if I scan at 6x4.5.  If I click on the frame viewer, it does 
> show a small preview of the correct frame but if I click on it, it goes off 
> and scans but displays nothing.  I am sure there is a very simple solution 
> to this.
> I tried Vuescan for a bit (with another scanner) and decided I didn't like 
> its poor documentation and difficult user interface, so when I bought the 
> SS120, I paid for the extra bundle.  Unfortunately, it seems just as 
> difficult.  For the price they extract, there should be a useable manual 
> and good help files.
> Anyway, any answer to this is welcome, since I am essentially shut down.
> Also, a quick SS120 question - the manual says to insert the carrier until 
> the light starts blinking.  Mine doesn't do that.  I have to insert the 
> carrier until it grabs it and then decides to suck it in.  The light only 
> blinks on eject.  Is this normal?
> Jeff Spirer
> Photos: http://www.spirer.com
> One People: http://www.onepeople.com/


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