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RE: filmscanners: Ls-4000ED vs. FS-4000 - can you help?


the SS120 does not have an infra red channel at all, so no IR retouching
there is possible, with any software programme.
the SC8000 is an excellent machine (the best?) but let down by buggy
software in the W2K. If you are Mac, go for it.
Otherwise, like me, you may choose to put up with its tempremental nature,
and be happy to get amazing scans from a $3000 machine. (mine has already
paid for itself in 10 weeks!)

Ice really does work too. I was so sceptical, but it is shocking how good it
is, and how much time it saves. I don't know about tram lines though...


>>>> snip:
However, from what you say, I could infer that not all scanners are equal in
the way they react to such scratches.  Is this the case ?  Can anybody say
how the SS120 behaves - it is down to this or the Nikon 8000, and I have to
say that I have had quite enough years of wrestling with bad software to
feel very confident about embracing this, not to mention the waiting list,
and stories about hardware issues such as banding....

Maybe I need to review my criteria ?


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