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RE: filmscanners: Ls-4000ED vs. FS-4000 - can you help?


Can I pick up a side point here ? You said:

> BF: One thing about this scanner is that it takes minor surface 
> scratches, such as those produced by film processing rollers, and 
> turns them into major artifacts in the scans.  

I have a Microtek ArtixScan 4000 (aka Polaraid SS4000) and, regretably, the
local E6 labs here in Southern Switzerland excel in adding linear scratches
which I assume are of the nature you mention.  The 4000 turns these into
long smudges, about 10 pixels wide, which even in flat areas (sky) take
forever to fix manually.

Since I'm stuck with these (2) labs (this is really Hicksville in pro-photo
terms), I have been looking at tackling the problem at the scanner end, and
hence felt that really I need ICE.  

However, from what you say, I could infer that not all scanners are equal in
the way they react to such scratches.  Is this the case ?  Can anybody say
how the SS120 behaves - it is down to this or the Nikon 8000, and I have to
say that I have had quite enough years of wrestling with bad software to
feel very confident about embracing this, not to mention the waiting list,
and stories about hardware issues such as banding....

Maybe I need to review my criteria ?


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