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RE: filmscanners: Laptop configuration

Thanks Bill.
Searching for laptop's specifications I just realized that it is physically
restricted to
192 MB RAM which it already has, so I have no ability to add more.
Thus, I thought to use it for scanning only while editing should be held by
other, more powerful machine (desktop at my work). The problem is how to
download the images off the laptop (although might be done through the
network at the work).

Then archiving will not be related to the laptop - desktop will handle that

Regards, Alex

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The Adaptec 1460 SCSI PC card has worked well for me.  Maybe it will
for you ;-).

A 4000dpi scan of a 35mm image will be about 130MB.  Photoshop needs
3 times the RAM of any image you open for working space, plus some
extra for the program code.  Therefore unless you want to slow your
system to a crawl with constant disk accesses you'll need on the
order of 512 MB of RAM.

There's no magic involved in replacing laptop RAM, but it can be
mechanically challenging and very delicate. You decide whether that
sounds comfortable to you.

You'll find even basic operations such as rotate and unsharp masking
to be slow on a 330 MHz machine (although 400 MHz won't be that much

And where are you going to archive your 130 MB scans?  Perhaps you
should add a CD-R drive to your new SCSI bus...


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