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Re: filmscanners: Laptop configuration

Unfortunately, in a conversation Alex and I had offline, we determined his
laptop has a 192mb max.  That's a problem.


> Thanks for the clarification.
> Of course, I'm not going to use laptop's own display for imaging. The
> comes with his docking station through which I'll connect to regular PC's
> desktop display (20") along with
> other interface (regular keyboard and mouse). Laptop's display will find
> usage rather for remote work as emails, internet, writing applications
> (during possible business trips) and occasionally for image viewing when
> of reach of regular PC's display.
> No image processing is intended to do through LCD.
> Now about the memory. From kind answer of Tom I realize that it is
> to do memory upgrade for a laptops by myself. (I was reluctant to open up
> the laptop as I did many times to my regular PC).
> It seems I'll do certain upgrade on my own for the memory (either
> 256 or 512 MB)
> and probably will have to find SCSI PCMCIA card (if SS4000 will be
> purchased).
> Is it possible to open up a laptop for memory upgrade with ease as it
> be regular desktop PC station ? Do I need some kind of special DIMMs (like
> low-profile, slim boards or something ?) ?
> Regards, Alex


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