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RE: filmscanners: Laptop configuration

So there is no real difference between 12 and 8 bit color depth ??


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Subject: Re: filmscanners: Laptop configuration

I only scan at 8bits, so the file sizes are closer to 60Mb.  I can't tell
the difference in the end result.  Makes a smaller memory footprint.

> Alex--
> The Adaptec 1460 SCSI PC card has worked well for me.  Maybe it will
> for you ;-).
> A 4000dpi scan of a 35mm image will be about 130MB.  Photoshop needs
> 3 times the RAM of any image you open for working space, plus some
> extra for the program code.  Therefore unless you want to slow your
> system to a crawl with constant disk accesses you'll need on the
> order of 512 MB of RAM.
> There's no magic involved in replacing laptop RAM, but it can be
> mechanically challenging and very delicate. You decide whether that
> sounds comfortable to you.
> You'll find even basic operations such as rotate and unsharp masking
> to be slow on a 330 MHz machine (although 400 MHz won't be that much
> better).
> And where are you going to archive your 130 MB scans?  Perhaps you
> should add a CD-R drive to your new SCSI bus...
> --Bill


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