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RE: filmscanners: Laptop configuration

Thanks for the clarification.
Of course, I'm not going to use laptop's own display for imaging. The laptop
comes with his docking station through which I'll connect to regular PC's
desktop display (20") along with
other interface (regular keyboard and mouse). Laptop's display will find his
usage rather for remote work as emails, internet, writing applications
(during possible business trips) and occasionally for image viewing when out
of reach of regular PC's display.
No image processing is intended to do through LCD.

Now about the memory. From kind answer of Tom I realize that it is possible
to do memory upgrade for a laptops by myself. (I was reluctant to open up
the laptop as I did many times to my regular PC).
It seems I'll do certain upgrade on my own for the memory (either additional
256 or 512 MB)
and probably will have to find SCSI PCMCIA card (if SS4000 will be

Is it possible to open up a laptop for memory upgrade with ease as it would
be regular desktop PC station ? Do I need some kind of special DIMMs (like
low-profile, slim boards or something ?) ?

Regards, Alex

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Subject: RE: filmscanners: Laptop configuration

Alex writes ...

> The question is host platform-related which will be supposed
> to work with 4000 dpi scanner.
> I'm planning on SS4000 in some (hopefully near future) which
> will be supposed to be controlled by a laptop which also
> serves as host for image download.
> ...
> Do you think this laptop will be able to handle those
> tasks admirably or more powerful CPU is mandatory
> for that ? ...

  The CPU won't be the bottleneck ... once you've found the PCMCIA SCISI
card which will allow you to use the scanner, the bottleneck will probably
prove to be your RAM ... not so much for scanning, but rather taking full
advantage of the 4000ppi resolution any any attempt at post-editing.
  However ... I see the primary problem being the display.  Its quality is
way below the color capabilities of the scanner.

my CA$0.02 ... shAf  :o)


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