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Re: filmscanners: Can't download Silverfast 5.2

Mr. Lyons et al,
    I wrote to Mr. Lyons directly because I felt slighted by his flippant
remarks to my post. I also took it off line because of the nature of the
post. Mr. Lyons seems to think it should be posted to everyone and therefore
I must respond publicly instead of privately.  I stand by my words. If Mr.
Lyons took the discussion with Mr. Greene off-line in the first place, I
would not have posted.
     As to my surmising of Mr. Lyons' motives on this list... well he's
defended himself and therefore he is politically correct for doing so. I
have been made out to be the assuming dummy herein and so be it. I have no
proof of my allegations; but they weren't supposed to be shared. I had the
courage to voice my opinion and it appears that Mr. Lyons needs the popular
support of the readership to supposedly clear his name.( from whom; he & I
or all of the good folk on the filmscanners group? ) So now I see better
because of this exposure and I stand corrected? In a pig's eye! Mr. Lyons
should have spoken to me directly, however he hadn't the courage to do so. I
still feel the way I do about him and that doesn't change. As for my less
than perspicacious view of his motives... perhaps my eyesight isn't what it
used to be; but my other senses haven't degraded and I shall stand corrected
when proven wrong. I have nothing to defend. I chose to speak to Mr. Lyons
directly and he chooses to win popular support-once again. Does he need all
the attaboys to continue or is this just some of what I alleged to him in
the first place.
    I am sorry that the rest of this group are caught in the middle of this
and therefore I shall apologise to all of you ( except Mr. Lyons ) and I
shall only lurk and read your inputs as it is evident that my opinions
aren't "helpful" i.e. -useless. If Mr. Sleep wishes to ban me, so be it. I
shall silently gather knowledge from the group and not bother anyone else.


Owen P. Evans
Osgoode, Ontario. Canada

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From: "Ian Lyons" <ilyons@mac.com>
To: "Tony Sleep" <TonySleep@halftone.co.uk>
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Sent: Sunday, October 14, 2001 6:08 AM
Subject: FW: filmscanners: Can't download Silverfast 5.2

> Tony and fellow list members,


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