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RE: filmscanners: Epson 2450 for MF film scanning?

Bernhard Ess wrote:

"Well this is not really Epsons fault - just look at the prices - the 1200
and 1640 Perfection are cheap consumer machines compared to hi quality
machines: look what the Linotype scanners cost"

I take your point, I just happen to think that - even at this price point -
a scanner that's sold as a "photo" model complete with a tranny hood and
film carriers should do a rather better job than the Perfection models

I don't expect them to be robust enough to scan all day and every day - I
expect to pay a very much higher price for that sort of engineering - but I
think they should produce results that are a *little* closer to their
manufacturer's hype. FWIW I haven't been much more impressed with the
Expression models from the same company.

My interest in this kind of scanner is as an economical way of scanning 5x4
at home, so I wasn't really pushing the Epsons hard, certainly not as hard
as someone would who wanted to use them for MF.

David Morton

"The more opinions you have, the less you see." -- Wim Wenders.


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