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Re: filmscanners: Can't download Silverfast 5.2


I just did the install.  The message I got on trying to open Silverfast,
Photoshop> 'File'> 'Import'> Siverfast(Polaroid) was, "Could not complete
the import command because an error occurred loading the plug-in.  The
plug-in does not appear in the Photoshop 'Plug-in'> 'Import/Export'>
Silverfast(Polaroid) folder.

 10/13/01 12:58 PM, Ian Lyons at ilyons@mac.com wrote:

> Martin,
>> I have the password, have installed it and it
>> worked, before it disappeared. Do you have any suggestions regarding what
>> my problem might be?
> It worked and then disappeared? In Photoshop - File>Import menu - do you see
> SilverFast (Polaroid)? If yes click it and then post back the EXACT error
> message. If not present then do the search of your hard disk for SilverFast
> (Polaroid). It should be in the Photoshop/ Plug-ins/
> Import/Export/SilverFast (Polaroid) Folder. As a bare minimum it MUST be in
> the Plug-ins/ Import/Export folder
> Ian Lyons
> http://www.computer-darkroom.com


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