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filmscanners: SOLVED: Nikon Scan 3.1 / Windows 2000: "Could not open Nikon Scan3.1 data source"

For the archives: Re-installing Windoze 2000 fixed the problem.

A possible success factor may also be that I've not yet re-installed
my other scanning devices? (A SCSI HP flatbed scanner, and a
firewire webcam).

Thanks for all tips I've had from the friendly crowd here!

/ Svante Kleist, Stockholm

P.S. As for the twain files in the top level folder,
     that seems to be an artifact of the European NS distro.
     When I downloaded NS 3.1 from "www.nikontechusa.com"
     they were not there.

--On Saturday, October 06, 2001 19:21  +0200 Svante Kleist 
<svante+filmscanners@nemesis.se> wrote:

> Thanks for your answer Tom, and other helpful people
> who have answered me here on the list and in private.
> Following your advice, I've now de-installed all software
> related to the LS 4000 and the 1394 card, including running
> RegSweeper.exe.
> Then re-installed everything paying close attention
> to the specified steps in the User's Manual.
> Same results, i.e. "Could not open Nikon Scan 3.1 data source"
> when the stand-alone application is launched.
> (Note that I'm succesfully using the 1394 card with a WebCam,
> unconnected now of course, I've even un-installed its software).
> I'm now beginning to suspect the install program for "Nikon Scan 3.1".
> Since no installation instructions were provided,
> I simply double-clicked on the shortcut to "Disk1\Setup.exe"
> (this shortcut was named "Verknpfung mit Setup" by the way ;-)
> At the end of "Readme.wri" is listed "TWAIN_32.DLL" (obviously in of the
> .cab files). The only file named so on my computer is
> "C:\WINNT\twain_32.dll", 44 816 bytes, version, i.e. the one
> provided with Windows 2000.
> ==> Shouldn't "TWAIN_32.DLL" from the "Nikon Scan 3.1" distribution
>     end up somewhere on my disk after installation?
> ==> And what about "Twunk_32.exe" in the folder "NScan31"? The one in
>     "C:\WINNT" is also the Windows 2000 original.
> When I try to acquire from TWAIN in other applications, I note that
> no TWAIN sources are listed. Maybe this has something to do with
> the "bugcheck" that crashes Windows when I start VueScan?
> As you understand I'm beginning to feel quite desperate.
> At all means, I want to avoid a complete re-install of Windows.
> Please Please Please try to set me on the track!
> / Svante Kleist, Stockholm
> --On Friday, October 05, 2001 10:33  -0500 Tom Scales
> <tscales@attglobal.net> wrote:
>> I don't use the Firewire card that came with mine (PC has it built-in),
>> but it works perfectly for me under Win2K SP2.  I did have to download
>> the latest version of Nikonscan, as the version that shipped with the
>> scanner didn't see the scanner.   Try downloading the US version, as I
>> know it works. Also try hotplugging the scanner, as that sometimes
>> 'wakes up' Win2K.
>> I agree with Ed, though, I think you have something wrong with Win2k. I
>> use Vuescan without any problem and if Windows is crashing, it's not
>> Vuescan, it is Windows itself. An app should not be able to crash the OS.
>> Tom
>>> This is my first visit here. I'm trying to take my first steps
>>> with "Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED".
>>> I'm using Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 2
>>> (and the latest security hot fixes) and the firewire card
>>> provided with the scanner.
>>> The card works fine with a "PYRO 1394 WebCam". The cam is
>>> disconnected, and I've uninstalled its software to avoid possible
>> conflicts.
>>> I've confirmed that the scanner is listed under "Imaging Devices"
>>> in the Windows Device Manager.
>>> My problem:
>>> ----------
>>> When I launch the "Nikon Scan 3.1" application, as downloaded from
>>> "www.nikon-euro.com",
>>> a dialog box appears telling me "Could not open Nikon Scan 3.1 data
>> source".
>>> I suspect that the WFP scheme ("Windows File Protection") in
>>> incompatible with
>>> the Nikon Scan installer, since the Window Event Log shows that attempts
>> to
>>> replace
>>> "twunk_32.exe" and "twain_32.dll" in "C:\winnt\" have been stopped by
>>> WFP.
>>> Theories, anyone?
>>> Svante Kleist, Stockholm
>>> P.S. I've tried to start "VueScan 7.1.20", but that one causes Windows
>>> to re-start
>>>      immediately during startup...


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