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Re: filmscanners: Nikon Scan 3.1 / Windows 2000: "Could not openNikon Scan 3.1 data source"

Thanks for your answer Tom, and other helpful people
who have answered me here on the list and in private.

Following your advice, I've now de-installed all software
related to the LS 4000 and the 1394 card, including running RegSweeper.exe.

Then re-installed everything paying close attention
to the specified steps in the User's Manual.

Same results, i.e. "Could not open Nikon Scan 3.1 data source"
when the stand-alone application is launched.

(Note that I'm succesfully using the 1394 card with a WebCam,
unconnected now of course, I've even un-installed its software).

I'm now beginning to suspect the install program for "Nikon Scan 3.1".
Since no installation instructions were provided,
I simply double-clicked on the shortcut to "Disk1\Setup.exe"
(this shortcut was named "Verknpfung mit Setup" by the way ;-)

At the end of "Readme.wri" is listed "TWAIN_32.DLL" (obviously in of the 
.cab files).
The only file named so on my computer is "C:\WINNT\twain_32.dll",
44 816 bytes, version, i.e. the one provided with Windows 2000.

==> Shouldn't "TWAIN_32.DLL" from the "Nikon Scan 3.1" distribution
    end up somewhere on my disk after installation?

==> And what about "Twunk_32.exe" in the folder "NScan31"? The one in
    "C:\WINNT" is also the Windows 2000 original.

When I try to acquire from TWAIN in other applications, I note that
no TWAIN sources are listed. Maybe this has something to do with
the "bugcheck" that crashes Windows when I start VueScan?

As you understand I'm beginning to feel quite desperate.
At all means, I want to avoid a complete re-install of Windows.

Please Please Please try to set me on the track!

/ Svante Kleist, Stockholm

--On Friday, October 05, 2001 10:33  -0500 Tom Scales 
<tscales@attglobal.net> wrote:

> I don't use the Firewire card that came with mine (PC has it built-in),
> but it works perfectly for me under Win2K SP2.  I did have to download the
> latest version of Nikonscan, as the version that shipped with the scanner
> didn't see the scanner.   Try downloading the US version, as I know it
> works. Also try hotplugging the scanner, as that sometimes 'wakes up'
> Win2K.
> I agree with Ed, though, I think you have something wrong with Win2k. I
> use Vuescan without any problem and if Windows is crashing, it's not
> Vuescan, it is Windows itself. An app should not be able to crash the OS.
> Tom
>> This is my first visit here. I'm trying to take my first steps
>> with "Nikon Super Coolscan 4000 ED".
>> I'm using Windows 2000 Professional with Service Pack 2
>> (and the latest security hot fixes) and the firewire card
>> provided with the scanner.
>> The card works fine with a "PYRO 1394 WebCam". The cam is
>> disconnected, and I've uninstalled its software to avoid possible
> conflicts.
>> I've confirmed that the scanner is listed under "Imaging Devices"
>> in the Windows Device Manager.
>> My problem:
>> ----------
>> When I launch the "Nikon Scan 3.1" application, as downloaded from
>> "www.nikon-euro.com",
>> a dialog box appears telling me "Could not open Nikon Scan 3.1 data
> source".
>> I suspect that the WFP scheme ("Windows File Protection") in incompatible
>> with
>> the Nikon Scan installer, since the Window Event Log shows that attempts
> to
>> replace
>> "twunk_32.exe" and "twain_32.dll" in "C:\winnt\" have been stopped by
>> WFP.
>> Theories, anyone?
>> Svante Kleist, Stockholm
>> P.S. I've tried to start "VueScan 7.1.20", but that one causes Windows to
>> re-start
>>      immediately during startup...


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