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Re: filmscanners: Nikon Scan 3.1 / Windows 2000: "Could not openNikon Scan 3.1 data source"

I do appreciate your advice, Enoch.

>> At the end of "Readme.wri" is listed "TWAIN_32.DLL" (obviously in of the
>> .cab files).
>> The only file named so on my computer is "C:\WINNT\twain_32.dll",
>> 44 816 bytes, version, i.e. the one provided with Windows 2000.
> That's the correct file version and location. NS doesn't replace it by
> design insofar as I can tell.
>> ==> Shouldn't "TWAIN_32.DLL" from the "Nikon Scan 3.1" distribution
>>    end up somewhere on my disk after installation?
>> ==> And what about "Twunk_32.exe" in the folder "NScan31"? The one in
>>    "C:\WINNT" is also the Windows 2000 original.
> NS will always use the one in its local directory and not the version in

This is the contents of my local directory, "C:\Program 
as created by the installer:

        Nikon Scan.exe

==> No "TWAIN_32.DLL", no "Twunk_32.exe". Could that be the cause of my 

Tomorrow I'll try to extract "TWAIN_32.DLL" from one of the .cab files
in the NS 3.1 distribution, and place it in the local NS dir.
(WinZip 8.0 fails to unpack the .cab files: "not in the standard Microsoft 
CAB format").

> 1) Go to a command prompt windows and run SFC. It's the system file
> protection utility. First just execute SFC without any parameters to see
> its options. Then do SFC /SCANNOW.


> 2) Install a Win2K Service Pack, either SP1 or SP2 to update all your
> system files. The bugcheck message with Vuescan isn't normal and probably
> not directly related to Vuescan. It may indicate a bad system file
> somewhere.

I've installed SP 2 since long.

> Unless you're using a special DV capture card with a firewire port
> (Pinnacle, for example) all firewire cards use the same built-in system
> driver in Win2K. If you want to make sure that the driver is installed
> properly use Add/Remove hardware in Control Panel to remove the firewire
> device. Then when you reboot it will be reinstalled automatically.

I've even removed the card and replaced it. And it's working fine with the 

Thanks again, I'll be back tomorrow.

/ Svante Kleist, Stockholm (where we have an Indian Summer!)


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