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RE: filmscanners: Re: nikonscan white clipping


thanks for your very helpful advice with Nikonscan

what would you suggest doing with a very contrasty negative, where I can't
get both ends on the histogram at the same time? and either the highlights
or shadows are clipped?

Is there a way to increase the overall range, to gather in the histogram as
it were, rather than simply flatten the contrast of the same information?


> -----Original Message-----
> Hi, Paul,
> I have summed it up graphically in a JPG picture you'll find at
> http://schmode.net/nikonscantweak.jpg, accompanied by some comments
> on what is done and why.
> > and what do you have your balck/ white points set to in
> Preferences? at the
> > default 0.5?
> No, I set both of them to 0.0. And, maybe more important, CMS off - I
> found Nikon CMS to act very unpredictably with negatives, so my choice
> is plain sRGB. Before I forget, even more important is to set "preview
> mode" in the "scanner extras" menu from "auto" to "lo-cont neutral"
> which will prevent some weird Nikon automatics from producing blown out
> highlights. Without changing that menu item, you'll probably get blown
> whites inrespective of any other settings you choose!
> > also: what are the "black point automatics" you mention? the same as the
> > above, or do you mean the eyedroppers, which I find useless on a preview
> > image that is so small.
> It's all explained in the picture (I hope). Just look at it and you'll
> be enlightened :-)
> See ya -
> Ralf
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