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RE: filmscanners: switching of nikonscan colour management


I was just working with this tonight and would give different advice 
if using slides.  The thing to do is:

(1) Turn off CMS

(2) Select the appropriate film type

(3)  scan a Kodak Q60 calibration target (Ektachrome or Kodachrome 
depending on the film type of your slides).

(4) Create a profile based upon that scan.

(5) Then scan one of your slides.

(6) Then apply the profile to it.

The result of turning CMS off is that you get raw data with no 
profile telling Photoshop how to interpret that data.  If you just 
randomly assign a profile to your scan (monitor, sRGB, Wide Gamut, 
etc.) you may by chance get colors you like; but it's just by chance. 
But the profile YOU create from an actual scan of an appropriate test 
target tells Photoshop accurately, truly and consistently how to 
correctly interpret the data from any scans from the film type you 


At 5:03 AM +0000 11/22/01, Jawed Ashraf wrote:
>A useful insight into this process is to assign your *monitor* profile to an
>image that has no profile associated with it, when loading it into
>Photoshop.  Sounds silly.  Try it.
>I believe, with CMS turned off, that Nikon Scan is effectively delivering a
>result in a kind of "de-facto" monitor colour space.  I'm not sure if this
>is actually simply the "default colour space of your operating system" or if
>NS explicitly looks to your operating system's setting for "current monitor
>profile", or something else.
>But anyway, try it.
>If you have built a profile using Adobe Gamma, then make sure that's the one
>you are using.  Do you have Adobe Gamma Loader running on startup (Windows
>user - dunno what happens on the Mac, for any Mac users interested in
>playing with this concept).  If not, then, well, you should!
>A clue to this is related to the fact that when you have CMS on, Nikon Scan
>allows you to specify the monitor profile for your preview (instead of the
>factory default monitor profile).  Naturally, you should set this profile
>equal to the one that your system is configured with (the one Adobe Gamma
>Loader is using).  This should mean that with CMS on, the preview looks like
>the image when it is opened in Photoshop.  Well it does, ahem, almost...
>>  -----Original Message-----
>>  From: owner-filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
>  > [mailto:owner-filmscanners@halftone.co.uk]On Behalf Of PAUL GRAHAM
>  > when I switched off Nikons colour management system I got a
>>  fantastic colour
>>  preview - (with some sort of grid over it)  it looked like just what I had
>>  been striving for in colour
>>  but...
>>  when I had got the scan a few minutes later, it opened way off in colour
>  > (far far too dark,  nothing at all like the preview

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