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filmscanners: Re: nikonscan white clipping

Paul Graham wrote:
> Just to clarify your technique:  what do you mean by: "use the auto 
> adjust" (which button is that? is it the contrast black/white one?)

Hi, Paul,

I have summed it up graphically in a JPG picture you'll find at
http://schmode.net/nikonscantweak.jpg, accompanied by some comments 
on what is done and why. 

> and what do you have your balck/ white points set to in Preferences? at the
> default 0.5?

No, I set both of them to 0.0. And, maybe more important, CMS off - I
found Nikon CMS to act very unpredictably with negatives, so my choice
is plain sRGB. Before I forget, even more important is to set "preview
mode" in the "scanner extras" menu from "auto" to "lo-cont neutral"
which will prevent some weird Nikon automatics from producing blown out
highlights. Without changing that menu item, you'll probably get blown
whites inrespective of any other settings you choose!

> also: what are the "black point automatics" you mention? the same as the
> above, or do you mean the eyedroppers, which I find useless on a preview
> image that is so small.

It's all explained in the picture (I hope). Just look at it and you'll
be enlightened :-)

See ya -


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