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Re: filmscanners: PS6 and W2K: virtual memory on/off?


        If you're not very short on disk, the best thing to do
        - performance wise - is to use a constant size for the paging file.
        Otherwise it grows and shrinks as your applications require
        more and less memory, an operation that can be very time consuming.


        Settings => Control Panel => System => Advanced => Performance Options

        In the section "Virtual memory" you press the "Change..." button.

        (you already knew this, I realize that, but others may learn from it)

        Make sure that the fields "Initial size" and "Maximum size" are equal.
        Typically you choose 1-2 times the size of your RAM, the more the better
        of course if you can spare the disk space.

        Have fun,
        Svante Kleist, Stockholm

--On Saturday, October 06, 2001 16:58  -0700 PAUL GRAHAM 
<peegee@btinternet.com> wrote:

> any ideas?
> When I'm handling large files in PS6 with W2K, I'm watching the scratch
> disk size, which shows the current usage against the amount of RAM I have
> allocated to PS something like 650/1270, then with a move that takes me up
> to the 1270 allocation for the programme the computer baulks for a moment,
> starts writing to scratch disk as I've exceeded my RAM, I presume, and
> then once that is done, it comes back saying: 1290/1030. In other words
> the memory allocation to PS has dropped from 1270 to 1030  (to 75% approx
> from the 90% I'd given it)
> Is this the W2K virtual memory grabbing back RAM? or something else?
> if so, would it help things to turn it off (and how do I do that?)
> or is it best left to do its thing?
> how do others have their virtual memory set up for PS?
> (I have 1.5GB RAM)
> paul


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