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Re: filmscanners: Canon's scanner

Hi Alex,

> It's advertised to provide automatic film-type detection. Does it work well ?
Yes, no problem at all, but i think it is normal for all scanners.

> Does it deliver evenly good results for any common used emulsions for
print/slide ?
Velvia, Provia 100 - very good
Reala      - very good
Provia 400 - a little to grainy for 4000DPI scanners 
General y the Canon software seems to be working better with prints

> What about noise levels relatively to his rivals (Polaroid 4000 and CoolScan
> 4000ED) ?
I am not able to compare, but the noise level is not high

> I read in several reviews that their software is quite stable and useful
Never crashed, very stable and easy to use, weak point is that it is impossible
to scan directly to file.

> (I would use it with PC platform operated by either W 98SE or W 2000)
I am using it with Windows 2000 + notebook 256MB + Photoshop LT and it works
quite well (one full size photo in memory)

> Their FARE feature seems to work
And it works very well, it does not introduce any blurring, and the dust is
removed completely.

> Any working experiences with this unit are welcome.
Main problem is not existing eject button and it seems that blue channel is
more enhanced then the others. 
If you like I can send you some scans


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