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filmscanners: Canon's scanner

Hi friends.
Searching net to any scanner's related information I run onto new Canon's
Canon FS 4000US. Technical details seems to be quite impressive, especially
from pricing standpoint: under 1 k$ (about 900 US$ in US).
4000 dpi optical resolution, 14 bit data width for each of R/G/B channels
and FARE system (Canon's own technology to rival ASF's ICE implemented in
Quite impressive for under 1k$ category, right ?

Strange, but there is no Dynamic Range parameter in specifications
advertised on Canon
USA website. Any clue ?

Any experiences with this unit ?
It's advertised to provide automatic film-type detection. Does it work well
Does it deliver evenly good results for any common used emulsions for
print/slide ?
(I usually use Fuji only for both prints and slides so would be particularly
 how it works with Fuji Superia, Superia Reala, NPH 400, NPS 160, NPC 160,
Sensia II,
 Provia F, Velvia and Astia)

What about noise levels relatively to his rivals (Polaroid 4000 and CoolScan
4000ED) ?
(Especially his evidence in dark areas)

I read in several reviews that their software is quite stable and useful
from the first hit, unlike those from Nikon/Minolta and probably Polaroid.
Can you confirm that ?
(I would use it with PC platform operated by either W 98SE or W 2000)
Their FARE feature seems to work but is reportedly less effective then ICE.
What do you think ? Does it affects general image quality in higher degree
the ICE ?

How it competes against Polaroid 4000 (accept of FARE feature) in terms of
general image quality, mechanical performance and efficiency ?

Any working experiences with this unit are welcome.

Regards, Alex



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