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Re: filmscanners: [OT] Best digital projector?

Actually, I just finished researching this. I ended up consulting George
Lepp since he gives seminars around the country and pretty much demands
photo quality results from the projector.

Here is what I learned.

Must be XGA native resolution to look like a photo.

Laptop should also then be XGA.

The 3 LCD projectors are better than DLP type.

1000 lumens is more than enough.

He has evaluated many brands and recommends the Epson line. He currently
uses an Epson 710. This is a now discontinued model. The 715c is comparable,
but even a bit brighter.

As an aside, we just ordered a 715c

Steve Traudt

Synergistic Visions Photography
P.O. Box 2585
Grand Junction, CO 81502

Web Site: www.synvis.com


"Be glad of life because it gives you
the chance to love and to work and
to play and to look at the stars."
                    -Henry van Dyke

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Sent: Thursday, September 20, 2001 12:14 AM
Subject: filmscanners: [OT] Best digital projector?

> [OT] Best digital projector?
> Hi,
> I realise it's a bit off-topic, but does anyone out there have some
> experience showing photos on a digital projector? My photo club is
> buying one.
> What should we look for, and why?
> How is it best set up (we have a 9-foot (3m) square screen.)?
> Any interesting tips or experiences ?
> Thanks, Tom
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