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Re: filmscanners: [OT] Best digital projector?

Hi Tom:

I've done more than my share of research on this very topic and i 
have decided to buy an NEC LT156, which is a sub 6lb wonder.  It is 
about $3000 for a refurb and it's pixels are invisible.The Epson 
710c/715c also get great ratings.  The issues to connsider are:


resolution XGA will be better than SVGA, but more expensive.

DVI input needed? That means that you can hook up a DVI computer and 
get incredible text and DVD.

warranty- Some companies offer 3years with free replacement within 24 
hours if there are any problems.

Projectorcentral.com is a great resource.

Good luck!

-Andy Darlow

>[OT] Best digital projector?
>I realise it's a bit off-topic, but does anyone out there have some
>experience showing photos on a digital projector? My photo club is
>buying one.
>What should we look for, and why?
>How is it best set up (we have a 9-foot (3m) square screen.)?
>Any interesting tips or experiences ?
>Thanks, Tom
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