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Re: filmscanners: OT:X-ray fogging

Buy film at your destination, and have it developed there before you return.
Unless you are venturing into the Third World (and even if you are, sometimes),
this will give you photographs just as clean as taking your own film with you in
both directions, and the danger of fogging (or other unpleasantness) is

I've never understood why photographers lug hundreds of rolls of film around the
world when film and development are available practically everywhere on the
planet.  What's so special about film and development at home?

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From: "Lynn Allen" <ktrout@hotmail.com>
To: <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Sent: Thursday, September 06, 2001 22:59
Subject: filmscanners: OT:X-ray fogging

> Some weeks ago there was a thread about fogged negs from airport X-rays.
> This is to put everyone on notice that if you travel in the US, fogging is a
> strong possibility, because it just happened to me on a trip from Cleveland
> to Seattle--neither of which are particularly effective smuggling ports.
> I am not from Jamaica, I am not Black (well, not very much, anyway--not
> noticeably), and my family has been out of the smuggling business for at
> least 300 years. Yet my film got "nuked," either at Cleveland Hopkins or at
> SeaTac (I'd weigh it as 70% likely SeaTac, on the conservative side--there's
> little need to take Ohio pot to Seattle!)
> This definitely pisses me off, and I wrote and sent corroberating pic to the
> (US) FCC in charge--for whatever good that will do. I'm hoping that the
> people who control air traffic in the US can at least read! But judging from
> the people I've seen at the check-in gates, I wouldn't count on it. :-(
> Anyone wishing to dialogue with me on this subject, please contact me
> off-list, because I frankly don't have time to survey the List at this point
> in time. I'm just coming on--then dropping off again--to warn you all to use
> the lead bags when you travel (as if that would help), or buy film at point
> of destination and mail it back home. What a complete PITA.
> Best regards--LRA
> PS--I really miss you guys, but it can't be helped. :-)
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