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Re: filmscanners: New auto adjust software on it's way

John writes:

> I remember that the method had to do with
> mathematically analyzing circles of confusion
> to sharpen unsharp images (don't remember
> anything about motion blur, but it might have been
> there).

This would work for satellite photos, in which the distance to the subject is
known and virtually constant throughout the field; it would not work for
ordinary photos, because the scene being photographed contains elements at all
different distances, and without knowledge of the distance of each element in
the image, it would not be possible to undo the effects of aberration
(aberration varies with distance from the focus point of the lens, as do the
circles of confusion, and it would smear the data enough to make recovery of a
sharp image impossible).  However, if you know that everything in the image is
exactly 25 miles away (at infinity, in other words), you can work backwards a
lot more easily.

For ordinary photography, it would still be easier to just build a sharper lens.
And there are lots of things that you just would not be able to undo with
post-processing, anyway.


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