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RE: filmscanners: Anti-Newton Rings powder

No, that is not what was said.  You can buy some anti-Newtonian glass and
replace your existing glass; or you can use the powder along with your
existing glass.  You cannot make anti-Newtonian glass from plain glass by
sprinkling some fairy dust on it in the form of Anti-Newtonian powder; if
you do use the powder, it will not change the glass which will remain with
or without the powder plain glass.  :-)

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Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2001 12:30 AM
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Subject: Re: filmscanners: Anti-Newton Rings powder

> >
> >> They might also use an Anti-Newton Rings powder on the
> >> glass between it and the subject being scanned.
> >
> > Sorry for my ignorance....What is 'Anti-Newton Rings powder'?
> >
> When you place two flat surfaces together, you get a form of banding known
> as Newton Rings that represent the different transference of light between
> the surfaces due to the pressure. Glass slides, and even enlarger glass
> been coated for years with a transparent substance that prevents flat/flat
> contact, spacing the two flat surfaces just far enough apart to prevent
> pressure banding.

So are you saying that one can make their own anti newton glass by getting
some of this 'Anti-Newton Rings

Harvey Ferdschneider
partner, SKID Photography, NYC


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