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RE: filmscanners: Too picky?

I have many lazy or perhaps overactive sensors on my Scanwit 2720S (the
infamous yellow stain with negatives or reddish stain and tram lines with
positive film) and I don't find it acceptable, but the warranty period is
over and the people from Acer that did the repair suggested there was no
problem, others from Acer acted as if there was no solution. So I live with
the problem (don't have money for some quality scanner). I wouldn't buy the
Scanwit again and I would buy something wit dust removal, since even though
I use the same antistatic cloth used by film processors to remove dust from
negatives I still get 3 to 30 dustspots on every scan. Perhaps our
living-room is too dust for filmscanning and the scanwit has acquired a fair
amount of dust internally.

BTW. Its not 2 and 2 and 4 pixels, but a lot more with my scanner.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Arthur Entlich [SMTP:artistic@ampsc.com]
> Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2001 12:05 PM
> To:   filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
> Subject:      filmscanners: Too picky?
> This posting is being repeated in both this and the Scan@leben group.
> As those who have been following my threads know, I'm currently using a
> Minolta Dual Dimage II scanner, and I'm in discussions with Minolta
> after my first unit was defective.
> My second unit also suffers from duff or lazy pixel sensors on the CCD. 
> >From what I can see 2 in the green, 2 in the red, and 4 in the blue. 
> These produce light lines across the scan on slides (or dark ones in
> negative scans.
> Some have implied I am being "too picky".  Before I had the Minolta, I
> had a HP S-20.  Although the Minolta is definitely superior in
> sharpness, resolution and OD,  the HP did not have any lazy sensors that
> I saw.  And I'm of the opinion even one in any channel is too many, as
> they are visible in enlargement 
> But, my question is this...
> For people who do NOT have Minolta Dual Dimage II scanners, do you have
> one or more lazy or bad sensors in your CCD array, and if so, do you
> consider that an acceptable defect and have you decided not to exchange
> it?
> Has anyone noted this problem of bad sensors in other than Minolta
> scanners?  What about with 4000 dpi models?
> Art


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