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Re: filmscanners: Re: filmscanners: New auto adjust software on it's way

There are a few software packages designed to do just this for astronomical
images.. Lucy-Richardson Deconvolution, Maximum Entropy plus a couple more
algorithms.. very cpu intensive (forget about using a Pentium 200). I have not
been impressed by the results, too much work for an incremental improvement in
image quality.. at the end I just think that its better to use a good lens,
properly focused, in the first place.. it does have a place in removing
environmental blurring effects. These algorithms were designed to improve the
images coming from the Hubble Space Telescope, before the optics were repaired
in orbit.

Here is a page with before and after results:

Perhaps I can see something like this added to scanning software.. but note that
the algorithm has to be finely tuned to the hardware.

Rob Geraghty <harper@wordweb.com>  wrote:

>That article may have been concerned with something I learned about at 
>- inverse fourier transforms.  If you can map the aberrations in a satellite
>lens system while it is still on earth and make a transform from it, you
>can actually use an inverse transform to remove the aberrations.  The result
>is a sharper image than the camera actually saw.  I know this technology
>has been used with military spy satellite images, but I don't know where
>else it may have been used.  It would be difficult to use on a commercial
>basis due to the need to map the aberrations of the lens system.  It would
>be wonderful if it could be used in a scanner, because theoretically it
>ought to be possible to remove aliasing and lens aberrations from the scanner
>(but I've discussed it before and I won't bore everyone with it again! :)

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