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Re: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!

Not been keeping up with RAM prices have you?

512M of RAM is $60ish.

A small 10/100 switch costs $90ish.

Ethernet cables $10 each for two.

No need for Photoshop - $35 copy of ACDSee will let you scan stuff in.

A small PC $500.

A small monitor $50.

Firewire card $100.

Well it's rather less than thousands of dollars...

atkielski.anthony@wanadoo.fr (Anthony Atkielski) wrote:

> Rob writes:
> > Not to belittle the problem, but assuming you're
> > talking US dollars you could probably buy a cheap
> > celeron or AMD computer for about $500 and fit the
> > firewire on *that*.
> I've considered it--but how would I get the pictures back and forth 
> between the
> two machines?  I'd need to buy a router, at the very least, so add a 
> few hundred
> more dollars.  And the machine would need at least 512 MB of memory in 
> order to
> hold the scans, so add a few hundred more.  And I'd need a second copy 
> of
> Photoshop, and a second top-quality monitor and video board, so add 
> another
> $2000 or so.  We are already into thousands of dollars just for this 
> one chance,
> and I'm not even counting the scanner!


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