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Re: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!

Or you could spend less than $1000 on a completely new computer with not 
much CPU but lots of RAM and a Firewire card to use as a dedicated 
scanning station.

atkielski.anthony@wanadoo.fr (Anthony Atkielski) wrote:

> Winsor writes:
> > A FireWire card and a modern OS is way less than the
> > money you are talking about.
> Sounds like you don't upgrade often.
> First I have to find space for a Firewire card, because all the PCI 
> slots are
> taken (there weren't many).
> Then I have to install a completely new operating system, because my 
> current OS
> does not support Firewire, and in any case Nikon has no drivers for my 
> current
> OS.
> Then I have to reinstall over 100 applications, all of which are 
> essential to my
> business or home use, and spend several weeks trying to figure out if 
> I've
> applied all patches and updates, and learning which of them won't work 
> with the
> new OS.  About 30% will work, 30% will have big bugs and require 
> patches or
> upgrades, and 30% will require buying completely new software or simply 
> doing
> without (because the application is not supported on the new OS).
> Unfortunately, there aren't any applications on this machine that I can 
> do
> without.
> I'll also need to upgrade hardware, since I don't have enough RAM for a 
> new OS
> (Windows 2000 is a dog) or enough disk space.  Additionally, my dual 
> Pentium Pro
> at 200 MHz isn't fast enough to run a new OS.
> It would take several months and thousands of dollars to do all this, 
> during
> which I'd be without a PC for home or business use, which would cause my
> business to fail.
> Obviously, none of this is acceptable, so I won't be buying a LS-4000.


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