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Re: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!

Winsor writes:

> A FireWire card and a modern OS is way less than the
> money you are talking about.

Sounds like you don't upgrade often.

First I have to find space for a Firewire card, because all the PCI slots are
taken (there weren't many).

Then I have to install a completely new operating system, because my current OS
does not support Firewire, and in any case Nikon has no drivers for my current

Then I have to reinstall over 100 applications, all of which are essential to my
business or home use, and spend several weeks trying to figure out if I've
applied all patches and updates, and learning which of them won't work with the
new OS.  About 30% will work, 30% will have big bugs and require patches or
upgrades, and 30% will require buying completely new software or simply doing
without (because the application is not supported on the new OS).
Unfortunately, there aren't any applications on this machine that I can do

I'll also need to upgrade hardware, since I don't have enough RAM for a new OS
(Windows 2000 is a dog) or enough disk space.  Additionally, my dual Pentium Pro
at 200 MHz isn't fast enough to run a new OS.

It would take several months and thousands of dollars to do all this, during
which I'd be without a PC for home or business use, which would cause my
business to fail.

Obviously, none of this is acceptable, so I won't be buying a LS-4000.


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