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Re: filmscanners: Best film scanner, period!!!

Nikon says no to Windows NT.  I won't install a PCMCIA card, for the same reason
I won't install any other new hardware, as I've explained in a separate post.
Besides, I need the only PCMCIA slot I have for digicam CF cards, although it no
longer works very well (the last update of SystemSoft's CardWizard, which I had
to install to get around a IRQ problem after installing DSL, caused blue
screens, so I had to desinstall it by hand).

If Nikon's LS-4000 were plug-compatible with the LS-2000, I'd just buy the new
scanner and install it.  But it's not, and the incredible overhead involved in
installing it the way it is sold now is simply not cost-effective.  Too much
downtime required, too much money that needs to be invested, and especially too
great a danger that some things will be permanently broken, ruining certain
essential uses of my computer.

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> you can get a pmci card for the firewire and it works just fine. YOU HAVE TO
> HAVE A FULL INSTALL OF WINDOWS 98 and i would call nikon about NT. joanna


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