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Re: filmscanners: Matrox and Monitor standby

on 8/5/01 5:16 PM, B.Rumary at brian.rumary@virgin.net wrote:

> In <VA.0000140c.00242caf@virgin.net>, B.Rumary wrote:
>> I am having similar problems with my AMD 1Gb system. It have a Gigabyte
>> GA-7ZXR board and a ATI All-in-Wonder Pro graphics card. I don't get trouble
>> with the monitor powering down, but I had frequent problems with the system
>> freezing up and having to be re-booted. Also the DVD drive would not work on
>> DVDs, only CDs. If you put a DVD in it would start the player prog and then
>> freeze.
>> I discovered that if I turned the graphics card performance right down to the
>> minimum (that is with no acceleration), the freeze-ups stopped, although
>> screen up-dates were much slower. So obviously it is some sort of conflict
>> involving the graphics card.
>> However even when graphics acceleration is turned down, the DVD drive will
>> still not play DVDs. The player starts, but then says it can't play as system
>> performance is too low or there is not a proper card installed. This message
>> still comes as you turn up the performance step by step, until it reaches
>> full, when the freezing starts again! Anyone any ideas on how to cure this?
>> I have looked at System Manager and no conflicts are shown, but the ATI card
>> seems to be sharing IRQ 11 with the internal modem.
> Further to my earlier posting about the problems mentioned above, my computer
> finally went spectacularly wrong! First I noticed that the time display was
> running slow, loosing several minutes an hour. Then last night everything went
> crazy. I turned the machine off and later turned it back on. The time shown
> was 
> well out - October 2000 - and it couldn't find the slave drive HDD on the
> primary IDE channel. When set to auto it could find this second HDD, but came
> up 
> with the wrong figures and then gave fault warnings. When it had finished the
> boot up the second HDD drive was not there.
> This morning I re-fitted the old motherboard into the machine and everything
> works OK, just slower. No freeze-ups, even at maximum graphics performance
> settings; the second HDD was recognised  and accessible again; and the ATI
> video 
> player utility played DVDs, although rather jerkily. So it looks as if this
> problem may have been a dodgy Gigabyte motherboard or Athlon CPU.
> Has anyone heard of problems with Gigabyte MBs or AMD CPUs when working with
> ATI 
> All-in-Wonder graphics cards? Could the ATI board have damaged the MB? I
> should 
> point out that the MB I put back was also a Gigabyte, but it was a Pentium III
> GA-BX2000.
Actually, it sounds more like the battery died. A stop at the local computer
store for a battery may do the trick.

Jim Snyder


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