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Re: filmscanners: Matrox and Monitor standby

In <000b01c11731$edfb72c0$3800000a@phoenix>, Rob Geraghty wrote:

> I had a similar problem on my computer.  I had to disable the power saving
> features.  I think the problem was caused by PNP insisting on putting the
> card and video card on the same IRQ.  It would caue hangs when power saving
> occurred while writing a CDR on the SCSI CDR drive.
I am having similar problems with my AMD 1Gb system. It have a Gigabyte 
GA-7ZXR board and a ATI All-in-Wonder Pro graphics card. I don't get trouble 
with the monitor powering down, but I had frequent problems with the system 
freezing up and having to be re-booted. Also the DVD drive would not work on 
DVDs, only CDs. If you put a DVD in it would start the player prog and then 

I discovered that if I turned the graphics card performance right down to the 
minimum (that is with no acceleration), the freeze-ups stopped, although 
screen up-dates were much slower. So obviously it is some sort of conflict 
involving the graphics card. 

However even when graphics acceleration is turned down, the DVD drive will 
still not play DVDs. The player starts, but then says it can't play as system 
performance is too low or there is not a proper card installed. This message 
still comes as you turn up the performance step by step, until it reaches 
full, when the freezing starts again! Anyone any ideas on how to cure this?

I have looked at System Manager and no conflicts are shown, but the ATI card 
seems to be sharing IRQ 11 with the internal modem.

Brian Rumary, England



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