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RE: filmscanners: Bypassing the scanner software filters and getting the raw data?

What you are getting is basically a raw scan.  If you are going to do this,
making corrections and adjustments later in an image editing program, you
should probably make sure that you are getting high bit 16 bit linear scans,
which will involve selecting that option in the Minolta software driver.
Some have argued that it is better to make curve and levels corrections at
the scan level rather than post scan; but for what you want, I think that
you will be ok.

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Subject: filmscanners: Bypassing the scanner software filters and
getting the raw data?

Hi all,

Is this possible and is my logic correct?

I am reasoning that the output from the actual scanner hardware is always
going to be in the same range of digital values irrespective of what
adjustments are made in the scanner software (apart from resolution of
course). Therefore, is it possible to get the actual raw data out of the
scanner and bypass any processing? What I am aiming to do is to have all my
scans coming out at exactly the same setting (ie: no processing) so that
they all have a common base and then I can adjust with whatever software I
am using over the following years. My scanner is a Minolta Scan Speed and I
am running NT4 with the standard Minolta scanning software.

Thanks for any comments!



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