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Re: filmscanners: IT8 Calibration was Re: filmscanners: I love/hateSilverFast

Rob Geraghty [harper@wordweb.com] wrote on Mon, 6 Aug 2001 09:15:55 +1000

>It occurs to me to wonder how much difference IT8 calibration on a film
>scanner makes?

All the difference. Suddenly what you see on your preview is what you get
in your final scan. It means you can make all the colour and tonal
corrections before you scan and know exactly what the PhotoShop file will
look like.

>Presumably the IT8 target is an ektachrome slide, 

Yes but you can get prints too!

>so you'd be calibrating for that type of film.

Yes but all 'slide' film is based on Ektachrome - even Fujichrome. The
only exception is Kodachrome but as Kodak don't want you to use it ....

>What about negs?  

Good scanning software will come with profiles for various neg films.
These profiles take the characteristics of the film into account and get
you 95% of the way there. Scanning negs is more of a subjective process
anyhow as you don't have anything to refer to. (SilverFast just became
good by providing profiles for negs!)

Of course to make the calibration work you need to have the rest of your
system (ColorSync in Macs, WhoKnowsWhat for Pcs as well as RGB Setup etc
in Photoshop) set up correctly.

David Gordon


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