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Re: filmscanners: Vuescan for Mac Resurrected, WAS: VueScan 7.1.7Available

I am also an Apple shareholder, and I would suggest you write the letter
anyway, if your were so inclined.  It is due to Apple computer users
that Ed has reversed his decision, but Apple seems to have been a major
cause of his original pulling the plug, and I don't think their policy
or attitude changed.

All PC users who use Vuescan should be counting their blessings that Ed
doesn't need any Microsoft association to write that version, or I'm
sure the project would have been dead a long time ago ;-)


Mike Duncan wrote:
> >It worked!  He's back.
> >
> >>From Ed Hamrick-
> >
> >> If you're a Mac OS user, please stop e-mailing me about this. You win, I
> >>give
> >> up. I'll continue releasing VueScan for Mac OS 8/9/X, and in return, please
> >> stop clogging my e-mail .
> >
> >http://www.hamrick.com/mac.html
> >
> >
> >>> To resurrect support for the Mac OS, we Vuescanners need to send Ed
> >>> positive feedback and gratitude for his hard work and
> >>> excellent product.
> >
> >David Corwin
> Yippe!
> I was about to write a letter to Apple complaining about poor treatment of
> Ed (I'm a Apple shareholder).  Glad your back.
> Mike Duncan


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