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Re: filmscanners: Mac Not Supported, WAS: VueScan 7.1.7 Available

on 8/1/01 3:06 PM, RogerMillerPhoto@aol.com at RogerMillerPhoto@aol.com

> We don't know the details of the problem between Ed and Apple, so it's hard to
> point fingers.  However, if Mac users are upset about Ed dropping Vuscan
> support for the Mac (and they have every right to be), then they ought to be
> directing their displeasure at Apple, not Ed.  Apple only has the desktop
> publishing and graphics arts market left and if they can't get people like Ed
> to develop products for their computers, they'll go the way of the Beta VCR.
> While some will disagree with me, I think that's bound to happen anyway.
> Maybe it's time for Apple users to swtich to the PC.

I am busy building a WInAMD now. I still have my PowerComputing 180e to do
an QuarkXPress stuff (too expensive to abandon), but scanning and image work
will move to the 2 gHz AMD box. I spent five years as a Mac Developer, so
this was not a lightly done decision...

Jim Snyder


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