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Re: filmscanners: Mac Not Supported, WAS: VueScan 7.1.7 Available

Well, that would be a very sad thing as it would rob Microsoft of any 
incentive to further match the Mac's capabilities regarding color 
management and features aimed at the graphics community.

It always amazes me how quickly PC-owners denounce both the benefits 
and longevity of the mac platform. (Yes, mac owners can be very 
narrow in their analyses as well).

Switching platforms is probably for most, like me, not going to 
happen any time soon even if mac users did feel the PC-platform an 
equal match. The investment in software licensing fees is one major 
factor in this. Not all software developers are kind enough to give a 
license for all supported platforms at once like the case with 

The demise of VueScan for the mac platform is nothing less than a 
catastrophy for mac users with scanners as VueScan probably has been 
both the most accomplished and price effective software solution out 
there. Yes, it has quirks, especially if you are used to slick Adobe 
interfaces, but in the end what gets the best results the quickest 
gets my vote.

I truly admire Ed Hamrick for developing this software and selling it 
for such an amazing low price. And I truly feel a great loss. It's 
funny you actually can get emotional for a piece of software.

But this makes me just angrier at comments like the one from Hoffman. 
"Taken for $40"? You just hold on to that last version of VueScan and 
you will be grateful you paid so little money for so much potential 
(sounding like my grandpa now).

VueScan has been, as I have understand it, more or less a one man 
show, and considering what Ed Hamrick has accomplished for the 
scanning community he still deserves praise, dropping the mac 
platform or not.



>We don't know the details of the problem between Ed and Apple, so 
>it's hard to point fingers.  However, if Mac users are upset about 
>Ed dropping Vuscan support for the Mac (and they have every right to 
>be), then they ought to be directing their displeasure at Apple, not 
>Ed.  Apple only has the desktop publishing and graphics arts market 
>left and if they can't get people like Ed to develop products for 
>their computers, they'll go the way of the Beta VCR.  While some 
>will disagree with me, I think that's bound to happen anyway.  Maybe 
>it's time for Apple users to swtich to the PC.


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