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RE: filmscanners: VueScan 7.1.7 Available

>I would suggest that multi-scanning with the LS40 (IV) is a waste of time.
>If you're that perfectionist, get a 4000 (the 4000 is less than twice the
>LS40's cost, as far as I can make out).
>The LS40's noise is low enough, I reckon, that multi-scanning doesn't solve
>noise problems.  And if you have a dense slide to scan (Velvia, say - I've
>done this explicit test), then you'll eek a tiny bit extra out, but will
>come to the conclusion that Velvia is beyond the LS40.
>Provia and Astia seem to be within the LS40's reach (or at worst just on the
>edge).  I have all three of these slide films here, courtesy of a friend, so
>I can post some tests if you *really* want me to...

Yes, I'd like see some examples.  Most of my slides are Kodachrome 64 which
is way beyond my Minolta dual (SCSI).  How does Kodachrome 64 compare with

My concern about the LS4000 is the narrow depth of field which would likely
require 2 scans on mounted slides.  Remounting slides is out of the
question.  Also, Vuescan doesn't work with the LS4000 and Mac OS so I
wouldn't be able to try Vuescan's reportedly superior dust removal.  So,
it's a trade off either way.  I'm obtaining a gray step density test slide
and a resolution test image, so I will be able to verify the performance
(I'm an electro-optics engineer).
Maybe I should look at the SS4000 again.

Mike Duncan


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