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RE: filmscanners: scanning PAN-F (was: Polaroid Rebate)

One last advice: if you have a chance to, try a scan of your favorite film (APX25, I gather) before buying. Having mostly T-MAX and Delta in my closet, I had a nasty surprise the day I tried a roll of Ilford PAN-F: contact prints from the lab were great, but my LS-30 had a terrible time with this film (probably a D-MAX problem: highlights were simply unreachable). Any other experience with this film out there?
Alex Pardi
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From: Chris Hargens [mailto:ldmr@cruzio.com]
Sent: venerd 27 luglio 2001 01.34
To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
Subject: Re: filmscanners: Polaroid Rebate

You're right. I do have "tons" of B&W images to scan -- and also about 60 rolls of APX 25 to shoot. I'll probably continue to experiment with color, but because of my time contraints -- job and all -- I don't want to spread myself to thin. There's a whole black and white world out there to be photographed.
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Sent: Thursday, July 26, 2001 2:32 AM
Subject: RE: filmscanners: Polaroid Rebate

I do B&W mostly, too, yet I shoot color film, because you have more freedom once you start working on the image in Photoshop (you have 3 color channels available, it's more or less like having the same B&W picture shot with 3 different color filters).
Of course you can have great results shooting B&W film, but this way you also get the advantage of not excluding infrared dust removal (the price is that you start working with a file which is 3 times larger).
Then again, you may ignore all of this if you have tons of B&W images in the closet - or dozens of rolls of new film in the freezer...
Alex Pardi
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From: Chris Hargens [mailto:ldmr@cruzio.com]
Sent: gioved 26 luglio 2001 05.12
To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk
Subject: filmscanners: Polaroid Rebate

I've sold most of my darkroom equipment. I've looked at the reviews of the new Canon FS4000US and compared them to what I've heard about the SprintScan 4000. If I shot a lot of color film/slides, I'd probably go for the Canon -- it's clearly a good deal. However, the bulk of my shooting is in B&W and I don't plan on changing to color in any significant way for some time. For that reason, the SprintScan with its Silverfast software and Vuescan support seem like the right way to go -- decisively so when I consider the $200 that is currently being offered. The only thing that keeps me from committing myself to the purchase is the current financial situation that Polaroid finds itself in. I don't want to send in the rebate and have to pester the company to get the money. I'm also somewhat concerned about the viability of an extended service contract, but that isn't decisive. (BTW, anyone have any experiences to share about Mack service agreements?) Anyway, I'm about to take the plunge, and right now, at the last minute, before I press the "Buy Now" button, I would appreciate any feedback, opinions, or experience the people on this list would be willing to offer.
Chris Hargens


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