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filmscanners: Redish cast in Vuescan with 48bit in Epson 1240U photo

I was trying to find the best software for Epson 1240U photo to make skans
with it. So I was making test with SilverFastSE, Vuescan and Epson Twain 5.
Last of this programs  is the simplest and sometimes don't work as I want.

I was trying to compare the quality of scannes of this programs. I wanted to
compare resolution. So in all this programs I set to don't make any sharpen
(Vuescan doesn't have) filter. And Vuescan is winer. But I don't know if
there is no some sharpen filter inside wich gives this effect.

With color also Vuescan is winner but.... I thing there is bug. Every thing
is well when I scan 24bit but when I start to scan 48bit... colors are harsh
and not natural. I didn't change any setting accept depth of scanning...
look on the page

Auto Crop
In each of this program is autocrop but it doesn't work as I want. It doen't
work with small slides. I think it shold work like this that there is
posibility to make auto crop within selected square. It would work like this
that you can select bigger arrea of picture with a little black of montting
and then press auto-crop to make it exact.

In Vuscan there is no such nice magnifying lence like in SilverFast.

Vuescan Zoom-In works in center of picture not in center of selection. So
when I select one of slides in left corner and then I make zoom-in then I
have to scroll... It is not practical.

I hope that this small thing can be added to wish-list of Vuescan wich for
me is the best from this programs.



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