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Re: filmscanners: Scanning and memory limits in Windows

> I'd also like to know if it is true as Tony suggests that aver 512MB or
> is a waste, as I was thinking of getting more RAM on the weekend.

I don't know as I only have 512MB but I suspect this is 99% true. That is
99% of users will see no difference because most normal applications just
don't use it. If all you use it for is a huge file cache for running Word it
may even slow you down. Anyone who happens to run applications that
manipulate huge files will probably benefit.

Perhaps someone with win 9x/Me who has 768MB+ would like to try - you DON'T
need to physically remove your ram you can use "msconfig". Click Start->run
and enter msconfig. In msconfig click the advanced button and select "limit
memory to 512MB" then click "OK" and "OK" and reboot and you have 512MB. To
restore your full memory rerun msconfig and deselect "limit memory to 512MB"
then click "OK" and "OK" and reboot.

To test whether there is any potential benefit I suggest you create a couple
of 250MB image files and open them simultaneously in PS (or other image
editor) then time a filter, close and save a reopen whilst alternating
between the two images. Write down the sequence of operations and time each
operation (seconds will do) and then retry with the other memory setting.



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