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Re: filmscanners: Astrophotographs

Jan Exner <exner@gmx.net>  wrote:

>The 'White Point' seems to be important, Ed wrote me a similar mail,
>he suggested 0.001% (One quick test yesterday was far better than the
>grainy, partly over-exposed scans I did before). It was probably the
>only setting I had not yet tried.

Yes, play with that.. just use the scan memory button and examine the results in
Photoshop.. you want a histogram that is not clipped anywhere..

>As Lynn pointed out, I did not really describe my problem, so here it
>comes: Scans from astronomical pictures on Kodak Royal 1000 or Kodak
>Elite Chrome 200 turn out to be heavily over-exposed, even when I set
>white balance to 'neutral' or 'none' and fiddle with the exposure
>time. All this is using a ScanWit 2720S and VueScan7.1.3 (I just
>downloaded the 7.1.7).

Did you check out my website? , I use a lot of E200 for astro photography. I
will assume the original slides or negs are not overexposed and something is
messed up in the scan. There is no exposure time adjustment possible with the
Scanwit, what are you fiddling with?.. perhaps you have set the "brightness"
setting too high.. normally I set it between 1 to 2, mostly 1.5 with semi dark
slides. If you want send me a screen capture of the histogram of one of your
slides.. plus a copy of the Vuescan ini file with the settings you used.

Astropics http://home.att.net/~hermperez


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