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Re: filmscanners: OT: Copyright Registration

Thanks, Terry.  It's refreshing to hear from an "expert" on the subject,
rather than opinion and speculation.  It also restores my faith in the US
government's bureaucracy since I was specifically told less than a year ago
that CDs could not be used as deposits.  Now that they'll be allow starting
next month, I say, "About Time!"

Don't worry about Tony being upset about this off topic discussion.  He's a
gentleman and a scholar, and reasonably tolerant of his "list kids."  I
suspect he gets more upset by long threads on off topic issues than he does
short threads, and your expert explanation ought to kill off this topic in
short order, at least for a little while.  

To put us back on-topic, what kind of a scanner are you looking for?  I'd
recommend the Polaroid SS4000 simply because it is a high resolution scanner
(4000 dpi) and because it's a relative bargain (less than $700US after the
$200 rebate).  Also, I own one (paid $1400 for it just a few months ago).  If
you need medium format scanning, your choices are more limited (Polaroid or
Nikon).  For me, the Polaroid 120 was the best choice (I ordered one today)
based on what I've seen here on the list.  But if you tell us what you'll use
the scanner for, we'll give you our opinion, speculation, and expert advice.  
It'll be up to you to determine which category our advice fits into.

In a message dated 7/23/2001 7:28:02 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
carroll@tjc.com writes:

(Up front: I am a lawyer, and copyright is an important part of my
practice.  I work in-house for a company, not in a law firm and not as a
solo practitioner, so I don't represent any clients other than my
employer.  For credibility's sake, I should add that, in addition to my
Real Job, I teach Copyright Law at Santa Clara University School of Law on
the side.)


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